From the moment we make our first purchase at young age, price becomes part of our daily routine. As young adults perhaps we cared less about the price of our little indulgences, but as we grow, so does our calculated awareness of the price of everything around us.

PriceWize’s mission is to explore the Real Price of Everything, not in the economic sense which is only useful to a handful, but in the review and analysis of current prices of everyday goods and services with the goal of empowering consumers world wide

We cover a wide range of stuff that we pay for throughout our time on this earth. Things we purchase, lease, rent, trade, acquire and consume; some more regularly, like food and clothing and entertainment and others once or twice in our lifetime. How much do we pay? is all relative to where we live, how old we are, when and where we buy, how badly we need it and how badly the other wants to sell. The are so many variables influencing the price of things, many out of our control, and some within… knowledge is the only force that can drive these variables to the sphere of control, thus allowing us realize the true value of our work.

Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing…

Oscar Wilde

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