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  • The Real Cost of Cheap Clothing

    The Real Cost of Cheap Clothing

    Thanks to shows like Extreme Couponing, Americans are always looking for bargains. One industry where that obsession with the cheapest price is most obvious is in clothing… and women’s fashion. Not that long ago, a television news photographer photographed First Lady Michelle Obama as she shopped for clothing at a Washington D.C. Target store. The […]

  • Airlines Price Scheme Revealed

    Many things changed with the airline industry since 2011. To avoid oblivion, airline executives had to become creative, sometimes criminally creative, to stay in the game. Finding ways to generate more revenues is responsible for some of the most bizarre pricing scheme ever for consumer consumer facing products. Have you seen the airline ticket where […]

  • The One Trillion Dollar Question

    The One Trillion Dollar Question

    It doesn’t take a college degree to appreciate the looming student debt crisis. Student loans are now the second largest source of individual indebtedness in the US, between mortgage and credit card debt. The table below demonstrates the current state of individual debt in the US as of early 2014. The amounts, taken from multiple sources, […]

  • Atlanta Housing Market

    Atlanta Housing Market

    One of the hardest hit housing markets in the 2008 financial crisis quick stats according to Zillow (03/2014) The median home value in Atlanta is $145,300. Atlanta home values have gone up 15.7% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 4.8% within the next year. The median list price per square foot […]

  • The Real Cost of College Education

    The Real Cost of College Education

    Let’s examine two sets of numbers if for nothing else, for being probably the largest and most important and the largest single investment in our life. With an eye to college education expenditure, over a period of 4 years how does it fare against what we perceive as the most important single investment   our home. In the past 40 […]

  • Wireless Price War

    Wireless Price War

    Recent data on wireless price suggests an average monthly bill of $61.15 up from $55.80 in the first quarter of 2010. Does this indicate a price war between cellular service providers? This would hardly be the case. But why do consumers think that a price war is underway? Lets examine the options: Sprint’s “Framily” plans, […]